Mentoring with Michelle Rosado


Michelle Rosado beachJust think, what could you achieve if you were personally mentored or consulted with someone who truly understood your overall path?

Michelle isn't just an "empowerment expert" or "coach" but a true inspirational mentor—one who has been honored just in the last two years as a “Woman of Empowerment" by The Washington Times...among other honors.

On the business front, Michelle's achievements are quite remarkable as well.She began her professional career on Wall Street at age nineteen, and by age thirty was the Regional Manager for a large nationwide financial services company. Michelle went on to build her own business before transitioning to exclusive sales consulting.

Today Michelle provides mentoring and consulting to individuals and small businesses looking to create success in their personal and business lives, while still finding peace and happiness in other areas.

Here are what some of Michelle's clients say about her mentoring and consulting:

Magdaline Makris
"Michelle Rosado is a personable, kind-hearted, big thinker whose experience as a speaker and business professional has given her invaluable insight for the aspiring speaker. Michelle takes the time to understand not only who you are, but also does the research to understand your message and audience. Michelle is completely present during your time together and I could not recommend her services more."" —Ali Warren, Author of "Where Hope Lives"
Magdaline Makris
"Michelle is an inspiration to all! She has risen, literally from ashes into a successful business consultant. Her knowledge and expertise have guided me in the right direction. Through her hardships she has acquired exemplary teaching and leadership skills, it has been my pleasure to work with her on several occasions." —Magdaline Makris, Writer
Jennifer "Jaki" Johnson
"Michelle is a great consultant! I absolutely enjoyed using her services as she helped me with the marketing of my book campaign. Her insight on understanding the power of positioning and branding for self publishing is very valuable. Vibrant personality and the ability to hone in my objectives were a plus!" —Jennifer "Jaki" Johnson, Speaker and Consultant
Scott Siegel
"Michelle is truly one of the most influential people in my life as I have come to realize her natural ability to put things into perspective over the years. I recall a conversation we had not too long ago regarding the many regrets and choices I've made in my life, and Michelle understood exactly where I was coming from and comforted me with the knowledge and understanding I had been seeking. Her ability to listen and understand and then offer sound advice is truly one of a kind!" —Scott Siegel, Business Owner | Southern Strolls

Here are some of the topics Michelle covers in her mentoring program:

- How to diffuse the ego and not surrender to its demands
- How to truly live your life’s purpose – and create wealth doing it!
- How "outbound marketing" can effectively skyrocket your brand
- How to find the genuine optimism, even at times of adversity

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