Michelle's Client Testimonials


Michelle Rosado Minnesota"Working with you that day was a delight, as you were both low-maintenance and very appreciative of having the opportunity to speak to our students. Your message was on point, very moving and covered all of the topics we had discussed in preparation. Thanks again for all of your help and I look forward to working with you in the future."
— Associate Vice President, Student Affairs | Ball State University

"Michelle touched our hearts with her tale of overcoming adversity and strength to pursue a life that she never dreamed possible. She is a captivating public speaker and it is with great respect that I recommend Michelle to share her story with audiences everywhere.
—Marie Rampino, Financial Consultant | Thrivent Financial Consulting Group

"We hired Michelle to speak at our location's memorial service for the 10 year anniversary of 9/11. Michelle did a great job as our featured speaker. Additionally, she was just launching her book "Pursuing Your Destiny" at the time of our event. Michelle's talk about her personal experience of being in the towers on 9/11 and surviving when many others did not was a moving addition to an already emotional service. I would highly recommend Michelle: she adds heart and soul and the voice of someone who has lived through experience." 
—Carrie Phelps, Director of Marketing | Indiana Memorial Group

"Michelle is a very articulate speaker. I enjoyed her talk because she was clear, spoke very well and was concise. She engaged the audience, kept the momentum going and while it was a serious subject matter, she knew just the right time to add some humor. I thoroughly enjoy hearing Michelle speak and would definitely have her again either for an in person speaking engagement or another teleseminar."
—Cindy Clark, Owner | CC Consulting Services, LLC

"Michelle's story and her wisdom gained from that story is shared by her in a very special heartfelt way. She is upbeat and very motivational in the way she presents herself and her wisdom. I highly recommend her as a great speaker and teacher." 
—Krystalya Marie, Owner | Empowered Spirit

"Michelle Rosado captivated and held the attention of our student body at Pace High School. Her story of not only escaping the Twin Towers, but also overcoming the tragedy of that day inspired all of us. She informed our student body about September 11th but also taught us how we can move on and learn from that day. Her speech was very well thought out and filled with passion, inspiration and wisdom."
Meredith Smith, Pace High School